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  • Associate Clinical Professor
    The Mount Sinai School of Medicine

  • Attending Physician
    The Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan

  • Selected as one of Castle & Connolly’s TOP DOCTORS-New York Metro Area since 1997


  • ICAEL Accredited echocardiography center

The philosophy of this practice is that good cardiology care requires individualized attention and a thorough understanding of each patient. This is only possible when the physician and patient can truly work together. Dr. Robbins is the only physician in the office and he performs all of the examinations, echocardiograms, and stress tests personally. While this is time consuming, we feel that the best way to give excellent care is for the physician himself, who understands the patient’s problems, to actually perform the studies personally and not merely review the images obtained by a technician.

As cardiology patients often benefit from expertise of an academic medical center, Dr. Robbins admits those patients who require invasive cardiac procedures or hospitalization to The Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.

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